Magazine_Stack_Fotolia_37087359_SThere are plenty of magazines devoted to mental health.  Some magazines are tailored for specific diagnoses, while others are geared toward general health and wellness. Some are for mental health professionals and include the latest research or therapeutic techniques, while some are geared toward the casual observer.  You can gain encouragement, knowledge, wisdom, as well as answers to questions you didn’t even know you had.

As with most things, if you shop around, you might even be able to find the subscription list price of some of these magazines even cheaper than the publisher’s rates.  You can visit discount magazine sites (such as and find additional savings on the print versions.

Below are a list of what we found, but if know of any more that you’d like us to share, please let us know!   You can contact us at

Mental Health Magazines:

Paid Digital and Print subscriptions available as well as a free newsletter:

BP Magazine –  – Hope and harmony for those with bipolar disorder.

Esperanza – – Hope to cope with anxiety and depression.

SZ Magazine – – helping you cope with schizophrenia.

Anchor – – Overcoming anxiety and depression

Psychology Today: – One of the most popular magazines on mental health.   In addition to their magazine, their website has information on various mental health conditions, treatments, and mental health professionals in your area.

My Health Magazine: – an online magazine about health for young adults and college students.

Behavioral Healthcare –

Sane Magazine – – A website from the Smart + Strong