Couple Working in Homeless ShelterThe Dalai Lama once said, “If you’re going to be selfish, be wisely selfish—which means to love and serve others, since love and service to others bring rewards to oneself that otherwise would be unachievable”. I know it doesn’t always make sense when you are lying on your back and feeling like you have nothing left to offer anyone. But, for you to go out and serve someone at that point really does work on many different levels. Many studies, even those controlled for prior health factors, show that those who volunteer are not only psychologically happier and healthier, but physically more healthy as well. You may actually live longer if you volunteer!

So, make a list of things that you enjoy doing and find a way to give back either through an area organization or in your own neighborhood. Who you give to doesn’t really matter, it is the attitude that you have when you give and the benefits it brings to you and someone else that is important. Making a difference in someone else’s life or in the community that you live, makes a difference in your own.

Still not convinced? Check out reasons why you should volunteer here

Here are some websites that you will help match your interests to the needs in our area:

Volunteer Washtenaw webpage

Volunteer Match – Ann Arbor area

Arbor Web volunteer opportunities

(Don’t forget those great music venues such as The Ark or if theater or sports is your thing, then try being a volunteer usher at the Fox, Joe Louis, Comerica Park or City Theatre by calling Caitlin Powell at 313-471-3354.)

Here is another site, Energize- Place to list and find volunteering opportunities here and abroad, that explains the different types of volunteer sites here and abroad with a brief description of each ( includes fun and specific sites such as onebrick (Detroit Chapter) which includes a get to know you dinner outing after volunteering 3-4 hours or the old stand by’s such as all for good or :

Good luck and happy service!!

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