Sometimes one of the steps to reclaiming your life is to regain a commitment to growth, to expanding yourself as a person. Learning a new skill or studying a topic that moves you is one way that you can do that. Whether it is that one hour workshop offered by community education or a full load of master level classes,  the decision to move forward can be a difficult one. There may be a vulnerability or lack of confidence that didn’t exist before your diagnosis. What is important to remember is that you are not your diagnosis. You are the same person as you were before your setback, perhaps, even better. Not only do you have the skills and talents that you were always blessed with, you now have a perspective and compassion that you didn’t have before. You are equipped and able to make this step.

And, there is support available to you. Take advantage of the encouragement that a support group can offer. Make an appointment with a counselor at U of M’s Center for the Education of Women.  Or, talk to an administrator that can direct you to financial or emotional support during your transitional phase(see 10 tips on how to transition here)  Remember that successes build on one another. Your ability to attend one class may lead to you being a regular fixture of the educational system. So, learn some Spanish, throw some pottery, or study the impact of  medieval literature on today’s society. Whatever course of study you choose, have fun and know that what you are doing is recovering, growing, and expanding your mind and your view of yourself.

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