Some of the bravest people I know are those that are willing to face possible stigma and share their recovery stories openly. As you watch and read these vignettes, remember what it must have taken for them to get to the place where sharing was possible. They, too, had their worlds upended and their identities permanently altered by labels such as ‘persistently and severely mentally ill’. They, too, wondered if they would be judged or looked down on because of these new labels. They, too, ventured out slowly with fear and made some initial first steps. Those steps have slowly built up to bring them to the place that they are today. Even though no one’s recovery journey looks exactly the same, we are certain that you, too, have what it takes to take those first steps, to begin again.

Kate’s recovery story

Matt’s Recovery Story

Jessica’s Recovery Story

Jeff’s Recovery Story

Successful and Schizophrenic by Elyn Saks

Video on Survivors of Bullying: