Sometimes when you have been diagnosed with a mental health diagnosis, you feel like your health has been robbed from you. It is easy to want to give up and not try anymore. That extra drink, cigarette, or dish of ice cream can be our own way of medicating ourselves,  of dealing with the pain that we feel. The reality is that we can’t always control what our minds do, nor can we prevent the side effects that some medications cause. But as we gain weight or lose touch with our bodies, the farther we feel from the people that we used to be. The farther we feel we are to the people that we want to become.

It is time to fight back! We may not have control over everything that happens to our minds and bodies, but we can take more control over our health-related decisions. We can decide that we are important enough to care about. We can decide that our futures are worth preserving. We can take small steps every day towards better health. Replace those chips with an apple, cut down on our pop or cigarette use, or better yet, start to live a whole new lifestyle where exercise and nutrition are important.   You are worth it! Your life matters! Treat it with the respect that is so deserves!

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