Pad of Paper & PenYour willingness to share your story publicly says a lot about you. For one, you are far enough in your recovery to feel like you have something to offer to someone else again. Congratulations for recognizing the value of your voice, experience and story. Secondly, you are willing to take a risk. You must have enough support in your life to feel safe enough to open yourself up in this way. This would imply that you have also been a support to others. Great job! Thirdly, you have turned what was once an anger at the injustice of your situation into a passion for helping others. According to Jane Addams, ‘The good we secure for ourselves is precarious and uncertain until it is secured for all of us and incorporated into our common life.” Your voice could make a difference to someone else in ways that you will never know or understand.

Be proud of yourself for sharing and choose one of the available paths here:

1. Speakers Bureau– consider telling your story aloud to a variety of audience. Contact for more information

2.NAMI newsletter- looking for stories 500-800 words long for their newsletter. Contact Darcy Taylor at ( also a current You Are Not Alone campaign is seeking stories and videos)

3. Choices in Recovery newsletter  send copies of personal recovery stories, essays, and helpful recovery tips, artwork and poetry to Editors, Choices in Recovery Newsletter 4548 Market Street, Suite L8 Philadelphia, PA 19139

4.Washtenaw Community Health Organization(WCHO)/ Community Support and Treatment Services (CSTS) Newsletter  is looking for stories of recovery from those who have received or are receiving services at CSTS. E-mail stories to

5. Washtenaw CSTS Advisory Council newsletter (see sample: CAC Newsletter) is looking for stories of recovery from those who have received or are receiving services at CSTS. E-mail stories to

6. SAMSHA’s Recovery to Practice newsletter is calling for practitioner and consumer stories that focus on recovery from substance abuse, addiction, and/or co-occurring disorders. They welcome vignettes, articles, poems, and personal stories that embody recovery principles. To submit stories or other recovery resources, please contact them at 877.584.8535 or email

7. NAMI is launching a new website targeted at youth with mental illness called Strength of Us which is looking for you to express yourself as well.

8. Share your accomplishments and steps forward here at CSTS in a peer-developed book on recovery. For more information, to submit a story, or to schedule an interview, contact Donna at or 734-657-5636