Instead of a baby,

I had ANOTHER birthing


-one wrought with pain

Instead of a life,

I marched a slow death

Pushed to my limits-

by a stirrup-laden maid

through a lighted tunnel-

I emerged

fighting and kicking to death

in polite silence

Five people I passed

along my way

to the institutionalization

-of my mind

welcomed not,

turned a deaf ear

to the silence of my cry.

Untitled (inspired by a missing piece cd cover)

I see the beauty in you

the hospital-garbed

the mind-malfunctioned

the knife-less crowd

the shoelace mislaiden

I see the beauty in you

the false-alarmed

the fifteen-minute checked

the make-up less crowd

the bloodied and battered

I see the beauty in you

the white coated crew

the cleanly shaven

the charted and sorted

the made-up and worn

I see the beauty in you