National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI of Washtenaw County) has been the soft place to fall for thousands of Washtenaw county residents throughout the years. Established in 1984, NAMI Washtenaw County has been offering support, education, and advocacy for people affected by mental illness in unique and vital ways.
First, they support the people that are living with mental health diagnoses, as well as their friends and families, in monthly support groups. These groups may be the first time people feel comfortable enough to discuss their situations and do so to discover a plethora of wisdom and support.
Secondly, they educate people in the community about mental health issues and provide valuable resources. Through monthly educational meetings and events such as Paths to Recovery Day and Family Education Support Training, NAMI Washtenaw provides factual information and access to the area’s top experts on relevant topics such as estate planning, insurance parity, and new trends in research and treatment.
Thirdly, NAMI Washtenaw advocates for optimal treatment, rehabilitation services, desirable living situations and meaningful work for all individuals coping with mental illness. Crisis Intervention Training (CIT), a training for the Ann Arbor Police Department which helps officers identify possible mental illness and deal compassionately with this vulnerable segment of the community has meant more people are getting the appropriate treatment that they so desperately need.
In all their efforts, NAMI Washtenaw eradicates stigma. Not only in their treatment, support and education of people, but in their openness in communicating about brain disorders and in their focus on the biological nature of the illness NAMI Washtenaw has proven that they are dedicated, tenacious, and committed. Thank you NAMI Washtenaw for all the hope and change that you have brought to our community!

For more information about NAMI Washtenaw and many more resources, go to NAMI of Washtenaw County or call 734-994-6611.

For families of those with brain disorders, you may want to check out the  NAMI Family Resource Guide , as well as Michigan’s Petition-Application for Hospitalization.

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To find additional NAMI chapters, you can go to the national page’s local affiliate finder.

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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
Margaret Mead