In an age where we long for connection and meaning, the ability to reach out in any form is preferable to the ache of feeling alone in a world with so many possibilities. What other time in history do we have the capacity to connect almost instantaneously at all times through a variety of resources? Wherever we go, there are people chatting on their cell phones, texting a friend or simply scanning facebook or pinterest. As people with mental health diagnoses, we sometimes feel disconnected in general. These visual reminders communicate to us that we are alone in a world that was made for relationship.

It is time to step up and take some of that territory back. You are not alone! You are not too old or too sick to be a part of the world of technology! There are actually communities for people who feel similarly as you do, however that is. There are whole pages devoted to how to make friends or your own individual passion be it fly fishing or rock climbing . Reach out and touch the hands that are extended to you through technology. Sure it may feel uncomfortable at first and you may have only 5 friends on Facebook to start, but who cares? Keep trying and make those connections.

In the pages below, explore some of what exists out there and then, let your mind wander to the realm of possibility. If you could choose the types and levels of connection, what would it look like? Maybe you could create a meetup group for fly fishing or knitting tea cozies. The possibilities are truly endless.

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