Since 1971, the congregation at Church of the Good Shepherd has made a commitment to serving those  with mental health diagnoses. It provides volunteer services for persons who are receiving mental health services. A mission statement includes the following sentence: “One principal difference between the ‘mentally ill’ and ‘normal’ members of the community is isolation…”  Project Transition tries to relieve that isolation through group activities, providing a safe place for individuals with a mental health diagnosis to have some social interactions. Some participants live with family members, some in group homes, and many live independently. Project Transition helps with transportation for those who don’t drive themselves.They meet most Tuesday afternoons (usually 1-3 p.m.) and enjoy a variety of activities: games, cards, cooking/eating, trips to parks/museums/recreational facilities, crafts, writing, conversation, and music. It’s a relaxed and caring group made up of people who live in our community with help from Community Support and Treatment Services (CSTS).

For more information, call Mary Browning at 734-665-8167 or follow the Link to the Church of the Good Shepherd