The beautiful thing about living in community is that, should you need it, there is usually help of some sort to be found. Washtenaw County is no different than most. There are a wide range of groups available ranging from the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) education and support groups to meetings for those who live with HIV or Herpes. Take a look at the Washtenaw County Self Help/Support Groups and see if there isn’t an area that you could use some extra support in. Then, take a risk, and attend one of their meetings. You will probably find kindness and empathy from those in attendance. Like you, they once took that risk to attend their first meeting. They may relate to how you are feeling on more than one level. You could receive comfort, as well as give it. Either way, you win!

If you are not up for actual attendance and would prefer the anonymity of something on-line, check out this list: Online Support groups

Otherwise, here are some additional area resources:

Arbor Web list of Counseling and Recovery providers

Al-Anon, Alateen, Alcoholics Anonymous:

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance Support Finder

Huron Valley Area Intergroup:

NAMI Local Chapter Finder

Overeaters anonymous:

SAMHSA Treatment Facility Finder

Sex Addicts Anonymous:

University of Michigan Depression Center:  Find a support Group: