Here is a list of twenty five ideas of things that you can do to promote exercise.

Remember do as much or as little as comfortable. Be silly. Be creative. Be motivated. ????????

  1. Go up and down the stairs in your apartment complex, at the local college, bleachers at the football stadium
  2. Take a walk through the neighborhood, nature trails or mall
  3. Join a basketball, baseball or football game at the park
  4. Use the playground equipment at the park or a school
  5. Borrow sports equipment from a neighbor
  6. Jump over the cracks on the sidewalk or puddles
  7. Walk backwards and frontwards on the outdoor track at the schools or parks
  8. Check out your local thrift shops for exercise equipment
  9. Exercise while sitting in a chair
  10. Draw a hopscotch game with chalk on the sidewalk or driveway
  11. Use canned goods as easy weights
  12. Get a scholarship for the YMCA or community classes
  13. Throw or skip rocks in a river or lake
  14. Park the car further from the door and walk
  15. Get exercise DVDs from the library, garage sales or thrift shops
  16. Beautify a neighborhood park and pick up litter
  17. Get a bike at the police station auction
  18. Walk or wash a dog for a neighbor or the humane society
  19. Volunteer to help rake, shovel snow or work in a garden
  20. Play tag with a toddler or young person
  21. Practice safe sex
  22. Chase butterflies
  23. Toss a bunch of dry noodles on the floor and pick up one at a time
  24. “Write” the alphabet over your head
  25. Do 10-20 jumping jacks during each TV commercial