We all want to “get there”… that hazy place located somewhere in the distance where  everything makes sense and there is no more pain, no more loneliness, no more unanswered questions. Yet, how many of us do? No one.  Life is a journey for everyone, not a destination. It is a series of lessons and wisdom gained in hindsight. It is enhanced by the questions that we ask, rather than those that may always remain unanswered. You may never know why you have a mental health diagnosis when your friends and family do not. You may never know what your life could have been like without it. But, what you can know is that your life has value. And that you have a choice on how you respond to the hand that has been dealt to you. You can choose to ask yourself new questions, questions that you can answer.

Today, I want you to ask yourself: What is recovery for me? What can I do to make my life more healthy, inspired, expressive, connected or active? How can I get out more, get the resources I need, and become more educated? This website was designed to be a starting place for answering those questions.

And, what you may find when you do is that there is life beyond blah. There is hope beyond despair and there is actually a point when you do arrive at a place where there is more joy, more connection and more answers. We want you to “get there” to that place- a place where potential overrides pain, growth outweighs loss and you finally feel at home.